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Safety is paramount these days. There is not an industry that won’t place safety at the top of their agenda, none more so than those working in hazardous environments. Any reputable business understands its responsibilities to safeguard its people and the environment where they work. Safety tags are a simple but effective means of communication. They warn us of potential danger, they inform us of contamination, hazards, inspection status, noise levels, flammable areas, faults, failures and defects.

Simple but often critical information that helps us immediately understand a situation. What confronts us, displayed in clear precise language. Colour coding, often what we first see, tells us exactly what we are walking into.

Printatag specialises in supplying safety tags for all applications. Tough and durable tags that will withstand the hazardous environments they are intended for. Clearly marked, well designed tags that communicate the message that workers and inspection teams need to know; in bright strong colours that are recognised for their meaning, symbolism and status.

Our range of safety tags include tags designed for general safety, quality control, hazard warning, flange and joint integrity tags, isolation tags, decommissioning and shutdown and a host of other speciality tags that explicitly spell out critical messages and instructions.

Printatag can also customise tags for its customers. We have an in-house design department that can create a series of tags and other safety material. We can even apply your brand identity if required.

But our commitment to safety materials doesn’t end with tags. Printatag also designs and produces safety critical signage to create maximum impact and attention. We also specialise in tally books, safety manuals, permit to work NCR pads, brochures and a host of standard and bespoke HSE print collateral.

Our marketing team can also prepare memorable HSE campaigns encapsulating a powerful and engaging campaign theme, design and print, digital and video all in line with your corporate branding guidelines.

So, for our all you HSE print material get in touch with Printatag and discover why so many oil and gas operators and service companies place their safety materials in our hands.

Printatag is owned by Jasmine Limited, an Aberdeen-based communication business engaged in marketing, advertising, PR, print, digital media, emergency media response and document management solutions.

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